The third installment of Zombocalypse is coming out soon.

Players are zombies, who have the goal of infecting as many survivors as possible. The game board is a map of the USA which players flip tiles to reveal either more zombie cards or survivor cards. Survivors can be converted into zombies by revealing both types on one tile. Each player starts with five infection points and loses the game if their points reach zero before they’ve turned all humans into zombies.

Some fan-favorite characters make appearances in this edition including Dr. Tongue, Lance Armstrong, Sarah Palin, Pee Wee Herman, Grampa Al Gore, Mr. T., Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Barney Frank (in “dead” form), Karl Rove (in “dead” form), John Boehner, Dick Cheney, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and many more!

The game also includes a deck of event cards that trigger once revealed. The player who flips the card reveals an outcome affecting everyone at the table! One of these events is ‘Obamacare.’ Another event is called “Even Stevie Wonder can see this party’s dead.”


In Zombocalypse 3, players take on the roles of famous politicians and powerful world leaders in an attempt to lead their group of survivors to victory! Unfortunately for them, they must endure not only the hordes of zombies outside but also face their fellow players who have just as much desire to survive–even if that means eliminating members of their own party!

Zombocalypse 3 features a list of characters separated by political parties which include Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Zombies (for all you green-minded people out there), and even Corporate Zombies! It was one of these Corporate Zombies who started the Zombie Apocalypse in the first place.

How to Zombocalypse 3 play?

Ready your weapons, loot your items! You have already begun the long journey ahead. Zombies are everywhere, lurking just beyond the shadows of buildings and shambling along in groups through city streets. Outside these city limits lays the abandoned suburbs where you must tread lightly to avoid attracting unwanted attention from some hidden zombie horde or another group of fighters who are also fighting for their lives!

Your objective is simple: stay alive. Fight, shoot, slash, stab–whatever it takes to survive even if it means eliminating other players who may get in your way. The last survivor wins… but sometimes winning doesn’t always mean YOU make it out alive. If you’re feeling like a little challenge and want to add a more spice (something different) and/or don’t mind losing, feel free to explore the abandoned neighborhoods.

The game will show you where other players are immediately around you on the map, but also indicate locations further away. Stay aware of your surroundings and keep watch for any approaching enemies! If they’re far enough off, take time to line up your shot before it’s too late! You can check out How to play Zombocalypse 2 by clicking here . Now that you have a little background information on what this game is all about let’s get into how to win.

Avoid other players–especially those with assault rifles who are loaded for bear (and zombies). Always remember one bullet kills… unless there are headshots involved.

Tips and tricks for getting higher scores:

The goal is to kill zombies, but don’t forget to stay alive while doing it. The more shots you land the better your chances of survival are, so keep track of how many bullets you have left in your firearm. When shots are pinging all around you, conserving ammo is crucial!

Always be aware of your surroundings–both on-screen AND off. If enemies are coming from behind or if other players are closing in, utilize the environment by hiding behind structures to avoid being totally surrounded while reloading. This also prevents players from sneak attacking you while your gun is at bay! Don’t have a physical prop? Use stealth–as long as you’re out of sight, nobody.

The first 10 levels of the game:

KEEP FOCUSED! If you’re sprinting, aim mode is disabled. Make sure to stop what you’re doing before attempting to shoot at something!

Luckily for all of us, the biggest threat isn’t whatever creature may be camping out in that dark corner. It’s other players! Remember your surroundings and watch your back because if somebody catches an alliance member unaware–it can spell disaster for everyone involved. The last thing anybody needs is a friendly fire incident while trying to stay alive.

Be careful not to accidentally shoot other survivors–if they get hit by mistake it will severely impact their health…and yours too should they retaliate against the culprits who fired off their rounds without notice. Keep track of where everybody around you is located at all times to help avoid any unfortunate incidents. 

The trickiest part about surviving in the game–is making sure you use up all of your bullets before trying to acquire a new weapon. Only pick up a fresh firearm if you have plenty of ammo left with which to also pick up some supplies too. If you can’t find a backpack lying around somewhere–

attempting to grab an empty weapon will let you know exactly how much ammo will be available for that new gadget as well as giving you just enough time to assess whatever situation may lie ahead from that position, so it’s always best to assess the situation before picking up a potentially useless piece of equipment.