• Tarot Card: Four of Swords
  • Planet: Moon, Saturn
  • Watchwords: Regenerate, Meditation, Roots
  • Attestation: I have a place.

Leap to: 

  • Which means: General – Love – Career – Health
  • The course of events: Past – Present – Future
  • Other: Reversed



Coming after we’ve experienced the torment of penance and the hurt conveyed by the Three of Swords, the Four of Swords is a serene season of consideration, rest, and recovery from what we’ve experienced. It is a card that gets us in contact with our centre, with our progenitors, and assists us with understanding the cycle that must be suffered so we can ascend to the surface by and by. It is a type of resurrection in its organizing structure. We needed to construct a skeleton on an alternate passionate establishment, so we can rise and help our heart remember happiness, giggling, and closeness. Albeit somewhat unpleasant at the forefront of our thoughts, this card is a positive one to have around, for it puts the last spot to our undertakings and gets us contact with the occasion, with our body, and grounds our musings. It is a card of reflection and supplication, presenting to us the chance to converse with our soul aides and feel the reality of this second right in the centre of our heart.


The Four of Swords looks for isolation all together for individual ability to be recovered and isn’t by and large the best of cards to show in an affection perusing. It is a token of personal limits and the spot in contact between two individuals where a cooperative bond may begin to frame, and we need to get back to ourselves to perceive how we feel. Here, it is essential to help time for isolation and otherworldly rising for both ourselves and our accomplice, understanding that every one of our connections has a reason on our Soul’s plane that isn’t  astrology zodiac sign  difficult to spot consistently. The single individuals will discover this card in a perusing when dealing with their isolation, so they can be entire for the following contact they will shape.


At the point when a vocation is set apart by the Four of Swords, it comes as a suggestion to settle on choices dependent on our inward discoursed and needs. No other individual is required in our psychological and passionate cycles, as we now have the help of the Universe to stand firm on our own two feet. This card will commonly come after a long fight for driving or administrative positions or a raise and connotes the second when battles are at last finished and we can unwind, rest, and appreciate an excursion at any rate for a brief timeframe. We have no motivation to work over our cutoff points right now, as we have set up an establishment and have space to take care of our real requirements.


Four of Swords reports uncommon occasions of recuperating when found in wellbeing perusing. In its most perfect structure, it addresses the spotless association of our Soul and our body and where we comprehend the connection of our oblivious, actual world, with things we can feel ascending to the surface through our psyche mind. Answers could come in one’s fantasies, in contemplation, in conversation with soul and creature guides, get in their center from various cycles in our physiology that we are getting increasingly more mindful of. The sensation in our body can be perceived as feeling and perceived in its most flawless reason if we permit it to lead the way.


When the Four of Swords is set in its switched position, it could be very precarious, as it addresses the degree of restlessness we have with our Soul. As though we are attempting to find a way into specific standards, we may fail to remember our constraints and feelings. Rather than permitting the pressure to dial down, we continue clutching formal requirements from ourselves until we fall, depleted and emptied. Consider how you are treating your body and your heart, and allow them to recover after whatever may have removed their sparkle and energy, regardless of whether it appears to be minor and futile in your present arrangement of convictions. 


Past – Although Four of Swords ordinarily shows the condition of rest and consideration, when set from quite a while ago, it brings up to times of our shrewd choices that were made in a type of inward discourse and have a place exclusively with us. Anyway, huge the obligation, this position discusses our solidarity to settle on steady and centred decisions around our true character and helps us remember this reality when we may be somewhat lost and ward on others.

Present: The air of this card discloses everything. Regardless of whether you don’t have the chance to sort out a long excursion right now, you should go to yourself and leave sufficient opportunity to recover from fights currently left behind you. This is the requirement for all the more available energy, hours utilized for rest, reflection, solid daily practice, and development that will impact our heart in each one of those sound, euphoric ways as we rehash our schedule each day.

Future – A fine host of help after occasions of emergency, this card comes into each perusing as our objective, later on, showing us that there is a promising culmination of current circumstances and a second whenever we’ll get an opportunity to unwind. It ordinarily comes as the image of help, advising us that there are no purposeless battles lived today and that our decisions have an interaction to go through so we can at long last be prepared to discover harmony and proceed onward to something new as time passes by.