Entire body within a Swimming Pool – Gligorov Copied by Elmgreen & Dragset

Pablo Picasso’s famed quotation “Fantastic artists copy, good artists steal” may be fantastic to focus on the clamorous scenario which has rocked the boat around the Venetian lagoon.

The installation Death of Collector (2009) from the Elmgreen & Dragset duo offered within the Scandinavian pavilion with the 53rd Venice Biennale https://www.coronadeolivo.com is really a clone of your get the job done Similar to a Rolling Stone by Robert Gligorov exhibited specifically 9 several years just before this Biennale for the gallery La Giardina in Verona. It is hard to say whether or not Elmgreen & Dragset are fantastic or excellent artists, but with this particular perform they may have undoubtedly captivated the attention from the media.

On the Venetian exhibition Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset, curators of Denmark along with the Northern Nations around the world’ pavilion, with the collaboration of 20-four Global artists and groups have designed an imaginary assortment, turning the exhibitive spots into domestic environments which residence an imaginary gay collector. And proper With this normally Nordic residence we can capture a glimpse of a floating entire body inside of a swimming pool, an installation that’s conceptually just like the operate realised in 2000 by Robert Gligorov about the situation of his personalized exhibition in his Veronese hometown.

“The resemblance is outstanding – verified the gallery manager from Verona Cristina Morato – Moreover, we mustn’t ignore that it absolutely was published during the catalogue State of Grace, 2000, edited by Achille Bonito Oliva and Paul Ardenna, a publication which circled the globe”.

In the gallery La Giardina, Gligorov experienced realised the party Primary Criminal offense: a memory, a bereavement, a crime, that of Brian Jones, guitar player and poly-instrumentalist from the Rolling Stones, observed lifeless in his Hollywood swimming pool in 1969. In a small pool, a dummy, which simulated the rock-star’s corpse, floated around the water together with his new music participating in inside the track record.

The function was outstanding for that particularity, implied while in the try of this Macedonian artist, who life and operates in Milan, to shock and develop an emotional small circuit involving what is serious and what’s imaginary. Gligarov experiments his distinctive languages with themes and intuitions which can be in no way repetitive. He takes advantage of video clips and photography, installations and portray shaping them to suit the requirements of the study which normally faces the limits and ambiguities with the illustration. Adaptable artist par excellence, Gligorov frequently investigates the mutable components of truth tests about the a person hand, the unnatural functions of things and Then again, subverting what appears real and dependable to really make it imaginary and often ironic.

Over the situation in the Venice Biennale, Gligorov is exhibiting, at Palazzo Pesaro Papafava in Cannareggio, images and video clips in the memory of Delara Darabi, Iranian artist and poetess not too long ago executed even so the Iranian routine. Essential towards the artwork system, Robert Gligorov statements that It might be right to recognise the authorship in the function, when Morato stresses that “the Biennale presents new is effective, realised particularly; it really is tricky to look at a coincidence thinking of the artist’s notoriety. What’s more, his functions certainly will not go unnoticed”.

For the time being neither the artist nor the gallery supervisor are thinking about getting legal action, However they be expecting the work’s authorship to get recognised even with the administration in the Biennale which has conferred the Unique estimate “Curare mondi” (Therapeutic worlds) about the Elmgreen & Dragset duo.

This proves that some works which might be regarded as fashionable (and rewarded) on the Biennale are literally surpassed. Art is ever more much more made on art and no writer can disregard what the earlier artists have completed. So there is nothing wrong with the eclectic Mind-set influenced to your past, but typically It will be the situation to maintain a margin of originality and autonomy to offer everyday living to a completely new do the job. But innovation, today, is a advantage which can be dying out.

Elena Lanzanova