Breezing through the New Google AdWords Exams

The Google AdWords test affirmation has changed much over ongoing years. You presently need to breeze through two exams to be qualified. You should finish the Google Advertising Fundamentals test and one of the three progressed exams. The breakdown of the exams is as per the following; Exam Number of inquiries/Time Limit (mins)/Passing Score  More info


  • Google Advertising Fundamentals: 120/120/85%
  • Search Advertising Advanced Exam: 120/120/80%
  • Show Advertising Advanced Exam: 110/120/70%
  • Revealing and Analysis Advanced Exam: 100/120/75%
  • Reading for the exams


It is vital that you concentrate appropriately prior to taking any of the exams. These exams are not a stroll through so kindly guarantee you plan satisfactorily. I have tracked down the accompanying assets be an incredible assistance in reading for the exams.

AdWords Certification Learning Center

This is an incredible asset and most the data you will need can be found here. It is separated into four areas one for every test. You can likewise print off the whole examination direct so you can contemplate disconnected. There are some test inquiries on a portion of the investigation material however kindly note that these inquiries are simple and not a decent portrayal of the genuine inquiries in the test.

AdWords Help Forum

Another incredible asset is the AdWords help discussion. The gatherings are brimming with Google AdWords clients posing a scope of inquiries covering all points identified with Google AdWords. The discussion has a great deal of good patrons some of which are genuine Google representatives. It is a smart thought to go through the different themes and inquiries from which you can become familiar with a ton. Two other great discussions (which are not associated with Google) are;

Website admin World and Digital Point



Here you can purchase practice inquiries for every one of the four AdWords exams. You can likewise download a free preliminary rendition for each training test.

Google AdWords account

The most ideal approach to learn is by training. On the off chance that you approach a Google AdWords account ensure you use it! Work on all that you learn and acclimate yourself with where everything is found. For instance realize where to go on the off chance that you need to make a report, stop a mission, add catchphrases to a gathering, check the quality score of a watchword and utilize the watchword device. You will be gotten some information about these in the test.

Taking the test

To begin you need to make a record on the Google Certification Program site. From that point you can read for your exams, alter your profile, keep tabs on your development and join an organization on the off chance that you so wish. At the point when you are prepared to do your test you can buy the tests from the Google start test site. Each test costs $50 and in the event that you bomb you should pay once more. Kindly note you will require your competitor ID to enroll for exams. Your up-and-comer ID can be found from your profile on the Google Certification Program site. A “testing focus program” is utilized when you are doing the exams. This implies you won’t get to some other programs or applications when you are doing your exams. Likewise you won’t stop the test once it starts so ensure you are all around rested and have utilized the washroom prior to starting the test you should take