Advantages of Purple Wine – What Would make Natural and organic Pink Wine Good In your Overall health?

Perhaps you’ve read an article or two about the benefits of red wine, but you are not quite sure if it is really healthy? Look no further: in this article I will present you with trustworthy information about the health benefits of wine, and especially the benefits of organic red wine.

Many doctors and scientists nowadays do agree that red wine is healthy for your body, if drank in moderation. By moderation they usually mean one small glass per day, by the way. However scientists are not quite sure what exactly in the wine provides these health benefits.

One possible good-doer in wine could be flavonoids, which are strong antioxidants. Flavonoids are known to help your body by providing protection against LDL (or “bad”) cholesterol oxidation. Flavonoids are found in other foods too, such as dark chocolate and certain types of alcohol, but are highly concentrated in red wine.

Another substance which could explain why red wine is good for you is called resveratrol, which is a non-flavonoid that also works as an antioxidant. sauvignon blanc Resveratrol is beneficial to your health because it destroys free radicals, which are responsible for cell deterioration (thus causing health problems and speeding up the aging process, perhaps even changing your DNA!) Resveratrol may also help to reduce your LDL cholesterol levels and prevent fatty buildup in your arteries, making it very beneficial to your heart.

Perhaps surprisingly, the alcohol found in wine may also have health benefits. But in fact is has been proven that moderate amounts of alcohol may help to raise levels of HDL, (the “good”) cholesterol, and may also help to prevent blood clots from forming in blood vessels, therefore preventing stroke and heart attack as well as other circulatory problems. Further scientific research is currently being done to validate the link between alcohol and health.

You can reap all these benefits from any old red wine, but you’ll get the most out of an organic red wine. You see, even though all red wines have the same benefits, conventionally grown wines can have contra productive substances in them, such as residues of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, which can be harmful to your health. As these substances are used in growing conventional wines, it cannot be excluded that some of them can make their way into the finished wine, too.