The new model from Sony Ericsson is the Vivo Y 72 and it comes with a lot of great features including a high definition camera that can record HD video. The phone also has a built in memory card which will increase the amount of data you can store. There are also other apps like a game changer called Liveacts that allows you to socialize with friends while playing a fun trivia game. A great feature is the direct dial which makes it easy for you to answer the phone using voice recognition technology. Another great feature is the call recording which will allow you to record a specific call with all your options ready. If you are on the go, you do not have to miss any calls.

For those who need a big memory, the Vivo Y72 5g has a nice option in the form of a removable card. This card doubles up as a mega-SD reader so you can easily transfer all your favorite music, videos and pictures. A great feature is that this card uses the same memory capacity as the internal camera vivo y72 5g but unlike the former, the latter has a much longer battery protocol.

To make sure that you do not run out of power when you need to take an important call, the Vivo Y72 has an option in the auto charging feature. In fact, this auto charging feature gives you an extra hour of talk time or you can activate the data cable that will enable you to charge your battery even faster. To help you maintain the perfect picture quality, the Yota has an excellent clarity option that eliminates the image distortion when you are using the camera’s clear function. The built in image stabilizer also helps eliminate the shaky effects when you take photos in dimly lit environments.

When it comes to picture quality, the Yota has achieved near perfection. There are just few instances where the resolution gets a little low, but this is rare. For example, the action shot I took in an airport got me to notice that the level of detail is extremely crisp and clear. The color accuracy in the scene rendered by the Vivo Yota is amazingly good. The color tone is also accurate, which is great news for those who are sensitive to colors. The image processing software that comes with the device is also impressively advanced, enabling you to edit, refine, and make the necessary adjustments in the image processing options.

In my tests, the phone did not have any difficulty in getting me connected with the network. It charges fast and has an accurate signal reception, even in situations where I was walking around and taking short video clips. Another interesting thing about this phone is that it supports detachable VoIP plans. If you are looking to upgrade from a regular plan to one of these plans in the future, the average performance of this handset is sure to impress you.

In terms of battery capacity, the vivo y72 5g manages to fit in a very small package. Considering its massive feature set and high definition screen, it should come as no surprise that the phone can last for a long time. On a final note, this handset manages to pack in a lot of features in a rather small package, making it a great value for money.